ITS | A successful adventure in the world of transport

Nov 10, 2023 | News e rassegna stampa eng

We are pleased to share with you a highly relevant article published in the 27 October edition of the daily newspaper Il Mattino. The article celebrates the remarkable results achieved by ITS International Transport Solution, in the transport sector, despite the competitiveness and challenges of a turbulent international environment.
Led and founded by brothers Francesco and Fabio De Stefano, ITS has demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for adaptation and innovation. Despite the difficulties imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company turned the emergency into an opportunity, leading to a real boom in the post-pandemic period.
Today, ITS International Transport Solution has a team of 20 highly qualified employees and has expanded its range of services to include logistics.

The company is ready to take a further step in its growth path. In the coming months of 2024, the new premises at the Nola interport will be inaugurated, with an area of 2700 square metres, a considerable increase compared to the current 1000 square metres in Casoria. This new location at the Nola interport represents an intermodal area that better meets the company’s needs, allowing an increase in rail shipments, thus promoting a sustainable and ‘green’ approach to transport.
We are proud to share this news, which underlines the hard work and constant commitment of the De Stefano brothers and their team, proving that with determination, innovation and a keen eye for opportunities, it is possible to achieve great results.
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