Logistics Services

The company has an indoor warehouse of over 1,000 square metres fully racked and an office building totalling 300 square metres and an outdoor yard of over 700 square metres.


Specifically, our company offer:

  • loading/unloading with trucks, vans and sea containers;
  • The company offers a WMS (Warehousing Management System) service with fully wired premises.
  • Pallet handling of all sizes, possibility of temporary storage, warehousing and transit time.
  • Possibility of loading/unloading from above with crane hire and escort.
  • Insurance policy with cover.
  • Possibility of both tipping and forklift loading.
  • Sale of end-of-hire maritime containers – used and semi-new.
  • Hire of containers for “self-storage” in the event of needs such as removals, house renovations and/or other.