Raw materials processing sector

ITS is mainly active in raw material shipments in the plastics sector (R-PET), PLA (biodegradable plastic) and in the cellulose sector for the production of disposable paper and cardboard articles.

We cover the entire shipment chain by offering direct or intermodal services according to customer requirements. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we are able to guarantee a customised service that allows goods to be transported from the place of production to the point of use with maximum efficiency and convenience.

Ceramic & Building Sector

ITS offers services to support companies in the construction sector for the transport of: tiles, marble, loose materials, building materials and ceramic products.

In particular, we are able to offer the customer a 360° service.

Especially for Italian importers who buy the product in India, we have a partnership with an external consultant for what concerns certifications and conformity.
In Export we are a reference point for many companies in the Sassuolo tile district.

Clothing Sector

Fashion and fashion are two of the most representative sectors of Made in Italy.
Clothing and footwear shipping services require the utmost care, and managing their logistics and transport is a challenge in which we succeed perfectly thanks to the utmost attention to detail and speed in handling information.

In fact, the products are handled with all the necessary precautions to prevent them from suffering irreparable damage. The garment needs to leave and arrive at its destination in perfect condition, ready to be displayed without the need for ironing. We provide GOH (Garment on Hanger) garment hanging services, and manage the related staging/unstacking.

In addition to a thorough care of shipments, thanks to our extensive network of correspondents, we are able to serve most countries overseas.

Food & Beverage

Thanks to our experience in this sector, we offer specific solutions that ensure that your destination is reached safely and securely.

Wine, spirits, beer and other drinks are very sensitive and vulnerable to transportation; we share your passion for food & beverage.
We have been experienced partners in the Wine & Beverage industry for years.

Specialised teams in all key countries develop customised services for wine as well as other beverages and liquid food products such as beer, juices, liquor, oil and more.

To transport these goods we specialise in:

  • Road Tank
  • ISO Tank
  • FLEXI Tank
  • Food Grade Container
  • Thermal Blankets


ITS ha stabilito un network mondiale sui centri di competenza dei noli marittimi per i prodotti riciclabili.

I nostri esperti offrono soluzioni di trasporto competitivo per qualsiasi merce riciclabile e recuperabile come per esempio carta da macero, scarti industriali di materie plastiche, materiale grezzo e legname.

I nostri clienti posso anche fare affidamento sui seguenti servizi correlati:

  • Traduzioni giurate
  • Competenze
  • Consulenze per ottenimento certificazioni