Warehousing & Cargo Handling

The Company can offer cargo handling with indoor warehouse 1200 mq, to be shelve that can offer temporary storage, long storage & loading/unloading of palletized or bulk goods

The total area can offer up to 2000 pallet storage, the Company makes use of high professional and specialized operators in order to work out ad hoc solutions for logistic platform of e-commerce.

Food and Beverages

Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we can offer you specific solutions that make sure your deliveries reach their destination safe and sound.

Wine, liquor, beer and other drinks are precious, sensitive freight: we share your passion for fine beverages and food.

We have been the expert partner for the wine and beverage industry for years. Specialized teams in all of the key countries develop customized services for wine as well as all other types of beverages and liquid foods such as beer, juices, liquor, oil and more.

For transporting this commodity we have been specialist in:

  • Road Tank
  • ISO Tank
  • FLEXI Tank
  • Container Foodgrade
  • Thermal blankets


ITS has established a world-wide network of Ocean Freight competency centres for recyclable products. Our experts offer you competitive transport solutions for any recyclable goods, e.g. waste paper, plastic scrap, raw metal and timber.

Our customer can also entrust itself on the following related services:

  • Legal Translation
  • Know-How
  • Consulting Certification