Terms and Conditions

By accepting the quotation and/or entrusting the assignment to International Transport Solution s.r.l., the Client accepts the following conditions. International Transport Solution s.r.l. acts as a mere principal, being expressly excluded the hypothesis of carrier forwarder under Article 1741 of the Civil Code. In order to arrange transportation on behalf of the customer, International Transport Solution s.r.l. will comply with the instructions provided by the customer or, failing that, will choose the most suitable mode of transport of the goods. Any instructions must be provided by the client in writing. International Transport Solution s.r.l. shall not assume the performance of the transportation. The Customer gives International Transport Solution s.r.l. the right to be replaced in the execution of the mandate. The Customer declares that the price indicated in the documents pertaining to import and export corresponds to the transaction price and guarantees that the enclosed documentation is real, authentic and free of flaws, and that the type of goods being shipped does not fall within the commodity categories subject to import or export restrictions under Italian, EU and applicable uniform international law. International Transport Solution s.r.l. does not insure the goods unless the Customer requests in writing to that effect. The Customer grants International Transport Solution s.r.l. the power to expend the Customer’s name for the execution of the mandate, at the discretion of International Transport Solution s.r.l.. This contract is subject to Italian law. Any dispute arising from this contract shall be subject exclusively to Italian Jurisdiction and for it the Court of Benevento shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Environmental Sustainability

ITS recognizes the need to take corporate social responsibility seriously.
As a company we strive to align our business goals, with social and environmental goals